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What makes our GUIDED Virtual Tours different and unique? 

When you open the tour for a featured property, you can simply sit back and watch the tour as you are guided through the property from room to room. During the tour, some of the key features or points of interest can be highlighted that make that property special.

With interactive navigation controls, one can preview any part of a room in any direction, from any angle and view, even from floor to ceiling.  You can even zoom in and out on any part of the room.   You decide what you want to see and how much..

Our Guided Tours are innovative and immersive.  They provide a visual experience much more engaging and captivating compared to just plain flat pictures, slideshow, or even regular virtual tours.

Employing such cutting edge technology gives potential visitors or buyers a visual treat which creates excitement and leaves a lasting impression.  Making that visual impact give properties greater potential for exposure, distinction, and desireability that can translate to name recognition and potentially a quicker sale.

Keohi Virtual Tour Features

Our virtual tours are loaded with the following features:

  • 360 degree Panoramic images
    • True Pan and Zoom Spherical images
    • NOT the standard cylindrical shots or simple still slideshows
  • Still images
  • Comprehensive Intuitive navigation controls
    (Pan up/down/left/right; Zoom In/Out; Sound On/Off, etc.)
  • Scene Desription
  • Direct Scene Access
  • Fully developed and integrated design
  • Optimized for web and standalone applications
  • Hosting of tour provided at no charge for two months
  • Copy of tour on CD
  • Background Music - (Deluxe)
  • Active Compass - (Deluxe)
  • Interactive Floor Plan - (Deluxe)
  • Show your tour at REALTOR.COM for added exposure/impact! (Optional)

Keohi Virtual Tour Samples

Although the samples shown are developed for the real estate professionals, Keohi Web Design can develop virtual tours for any application including but not limited to commercial, government, or private industry.

Here are just some of our projects for your review:

  • Hawaii
  • Virginia
wellesstreet.jpg (9381 bytes)


Walkaround 3-D Tour

UNIQUE way to showcase a property.  Property is shown from the perspective of
walking around the property or as though the property is on a spinning disc.


Virtual Tours on CDs

Self-running tours on CDs are available.  They are great for distributing to potential clients   and as a keepsake for your sellers.  They are great for Open Houses or another effective way of advertising not only to sell your listing but also to get your name out.

For commercial, government, or private industry applications, it is an invaluable tool for advertising.  Your customers will be impressed and the smiles per CD you will get will be immeasurable.


Contact Us

If you are thinking about showcasing your organization or your property and want to maximize visibility, please contact us to discuss your virtual tour needs.